Also known as the Royal Alcazar of the city of Palma, the Almudaina Palace is one of the royal residences. This palace is a National Heritage of Spain. Although it is not the place where they settle during their holidays in Mallorca, it is the place where they hold the royal welcome in Mallorca every summer.

The Almudaina Palace dates from the 16th century. It is located right in front of the Cathedral of Palma. The union of these two beautiful buildings creates an awesome spot. Since the Almudaina Palace was built, it has been adopting different styles, showing the different building styles that can be found in Mallorca.

Indoors of the Almudaina Palace, you can find different areas that you will love. A weapons courtyard, also known as the parade ground, and from which you can access other rooms such as the Arab baths or the Gothic hall. You can visit it from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 to 19:00.