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If you are going to visit the island of Mallorca and you are going to be in its capital city, there are some places that you cannot miss, such as its historic centre and the imposing cathedral that presides over the ancient wall that surrounds the old town.

The Mallorca Cathedral is one of the most impressive and admired Gothic temples in the world and one of the most emblematic places on the island, making it an essential visit during your stay in Palma.

Although the Mallorca Cathedral is popularly known as "La Seu", the official name of this monument is the Cathedral-Basilica of Santa Maria of Palma. Construction began almost 800 years ago, after the Crown of Aragon conquered the island. Legend has it that, during a strong storm overseas in which he almost drowned, King Jaime I promised Saint Mary to build a cathedral in her honour if she saved him from death. On arriving safely on the island, the king ordered building the cathedral to worship Saint Mary for helping him to survive the shipwreck.

La Seu is located on the walls that surround Palma’s old town, facing the Mediterranean Sea, in an idyllic landscape. The Mallorca Cathedral also has the largest rose window of all European Gothic cathedrals. This rose window, of unparalleled beauty and a diameter of 13 meters, is known as the eye of the Gothic and is made of over 1,200 crystals.

The Mallorca Cathedral’s interior is also of immeasurable beauty. One of the most outstanding interventions in the cathedral was that of Antoni Gaudí, who was in charge of remodelling and reforming it for 10 years. The famous painter Miquel Barceló also took part in decorating the chapel, in our time. Barceló painted a mural of spectacular dimensions in the Capilla del Santísimo, one of the three chapels inside the Cathedral, inspired by the Gospel of the loaves and fishes. Due to the cultural richness of the monument in its origins and the remodelling and interventions it has undergone by famous artists, the Mallorca Cathedral is considered a Historical and Artistic Monument.