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Puro Grand Hotel

Puro Grand Hotel is an impressive architectural jewel located in Palma’s old town. It is a spectacular Mallorcan palace dating back to the 15th century and remodelled in 2022. It is important to mention that the refurbishment of Puro Grand Hotel has respected and maintained both its essence and the original architectural elements.

Puro Grand Hotel is hidden on a main street in the capital of Mallorca, specifically in the prestigious area of La Lonja. In our hotel, you will find a place of unique beauty and tranquillity where our guests can rest and relax with a wealth of details.

Thanks to the superb location of Puro Grand Hotel, we will be able to find cultural centres and the most important monuments in Palma de Mallorca.

Puro Grand Hotel in Palma

In Puro Grand Hotel, we have maintained the main structural elements, the façade and the lateral walls of the Islamic period. We can also find Baroque influences, with 17th-century arches with typical Baroque period characteristics in the courtyard.

In Puro Grand, you can relax in our Lobby, a unique and ideal space to unwind and rest while enjoying your favourite book or music.

There is also a cosy patio surrounded by greenery, where you will find some well-deserved peace and quiet. it is the ideal place to lose track of time, relax and enjoy the Mallorcan climate while ordering something to eat.

The Puro Grand Hotel lounge is the spot where can you relax and appreciate the art, paintings and sculptures that fill this space, inviting one to sit back and enjoy this ideal place to relax on your holidays in Mallorca.

Palma 5-star hotel 

At Puro Grand Hotel we have the unforgettable Mediterranean room. It is decorated in a Mediterranean style with all the amenities to make your stay in Mallorca simply perfect. We know that there is no place like home, so we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible while taking care of the smallest details.

Our second largest room is called Essence, and one of the things we wanted to maintain in Puro Grand Hotel is its palatial spirit. Our Essence suite allows you to enjoy the stately history and character of the room.

At Puro Grand Hotel, we know that a good hotel must have excellent gastronomy, so we have taken care of every detail for you to sit back and delight your taste buds with modern Spanish and international cuisine and typical Mallorcan dishes of the highest quality.

Beatnik is a unique restaurant on the island, located in the heart of Palma and offering both indoor and outdoor dining options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At Beatnik, we aim is to get you to experience and discover new flavours as we as in enjoying the unique ambience of the dining room. We’re sure you won't be able to resist trying one of our delicious cocktails before the night is over!

Thanks to the location of our hotel Puro Grand, the Beatnik experience starts before you arrive at our incredible restaurant in Palma. As our restaurant is located in the centre of Palma, so you can walk around the capital of Mallorca and see places such as the Lonja de Palma, the promenade and the Cathedral of Mallorca.

Beatnik, as well as being one of the most renowned restaurants in Palma, is also one of the best cocktail bars in Palma. As with its gastronomy, Beatnik's cocktails also stand apart from the rest. It is the place where you can find your perfect cocktail, as we have different ones according to the client's taste. We are sure that you will enjoy one of the best cocktails in Mallorca in our stunning restaurant!

Luxury Hotel Palma de Mallorca

Puro Grand Hotel is located in one of the most emblematic areas in Palma de Mallorca. Our luxury hotel Palma is surrounded by a myriad of shopping, gastronomic and cultural opportunities. A few metres from Puro Grand Hotel we find the prestigious monument La Lonja. This symbolic monument of Palma is a masterpiece of Mallorcan Gothic architecture, dating back to the 15th century.

The Cathedral of Mallorca, also known as La Seu, was built almost 800 years ago by King Jaume I and is located on the walls that surround Palma’s Old Town, facing the Mediterranean Sea. One of the main attractions of the cathedral is its principal rose window. We are talking about nothing less than the largest Gothic rose window in the world, with a height of 13 metres in diameter. The interior of the Cathedral of Mallorca is also of immesurable beauty. One of the most outstanding art interventions in La Seu was that of Antoni Gaudí.

La Almudaina, also known as the Royal Alcázar of the City of Palma, is one of the royal residences of the King and Queen of Spain. This fortified palace was built around the 16th century and is just a few metres from Palma Cathedral. Inside the gates of the Almudaina Palace, there are many delightful areas, including access to the Arab Baths, the Gothic Hall and the parade ground.

If you stay at Puro Grand Hotel, you will be situated close to the aforementioned tourist attractions and Palma's promenade. It is a bustling place by the sea that is packed with shops, bars, restaurants and leisure activities, all within easy reach you stay at Puro Grand Hotel during your holidays in Mallorca.